Donna’s Story

Donna’s story illustrates the importance of family and social context in child health and development. Questions to consider: What might be an optimal support model for Donna and her family if they lived in your community? Are there policy, practice, or resources obstacles to creating an optimal support model? How might people collaborate and innovate to remove or overcome these obstacles?

Published on Sep 27, 2010
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Donna is a kid much like any other kid. But, as with any kid, various Social Determinants of Health will influence her ability to grow up healthy and accomplish her goals. How do the Social Determinants of Health affect Donna’s life? This video invites us to look at Donna’s reality today growing up in small town Nova Scotia, and to imagine her future.

This video is one in a series of three companion videos aimed at encouraging health professionals to think more about the Social Determinants of Health, and a Population Health approach, and how these principles can be incorporated into their work with patients. For more information on the Population Health approach, go to

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