Health Care and Healthy Food

Food bank 2Good nutrition is essential for overall health and for management of many health conditions.  Access to health food can also be a challenge for many individuals with low income or lack of mobility.  The following resources describe how hospitals, health systems, and other health care providers are partnering with food banks to help people obtain healthy food.  The list is not exhaustive, and we don’t endorse any particular approach.  Our suggested approach is to scan the resources for ideas that might work in your particular setting.

Strategy Guides

  1. Making Food Systems Part of Your CHNA (A strategy guide from the Public Health Institute)
  2. Food Banks as Partners in Health Promotion (A strategy guide from Harvard Law School and Feeding America)

Clinical Practice Guides

  1. American Diabetes Association Standards of Care (with updated guidelines for addressing food insecurity on page S9)
  2. Screening for and Addressing Food Insecurity in Clinical Settings (A practice guide from Feeding America)
  3. Addressing Food Insecurity – A Toolkit for Pediatricians (AAP)

Promising Programs

  1. Freshplace Program in Hartford, CT (combines fresh food access with education and case management to support healthy choices; click here for a research brief including evaluation indicators)
  2. The Detroit Fresh Prescription Program (also click here to see a 2014 outcomes report)
  3. Food Bank of Delaware Food Prescription Program
  4. CORA Food Bank Healthier Foods Program (North Carolina)
  5. Redwood Empire Food Bank Diabetes Wellness Program (California)
  6. Oregon Food Bank Health Care Partnerships
  7. The Preventive Food Pantry at Boston University Medical Center
  8. A Pilot Food Bank Intervention Featuring Diabetes-Appropriate Food Improved Glycemic Control Among Clients In Three States (Health Affairs Article, 2015)
  9. Food Rx: A Community-University Partnership to Prescribe Healthy Eating on the South Side of Chicago (2013 article in the Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community)
  10. Wholesome Wave (Wholesome Wave programs increase access to affordable, healthy, locally-grown fruits and vegetables for underserved consumers.)





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