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This page presents a list of all ideas posted on This list will evolve as we expand our content in response to member requests. You can search the content by keyword or sort the list by title and date. You can also search for ideas by topic in the right-hand menu. We invite you to explore this content and think about how your organization or community can use action learning to advance health improvement.  You can also:


The Daily Feed (post)2018/03/242018-03-24 15:52:13
Learning to Be Great2018/03/022018-03-02 14:58:27
How to Demonstrate the Value of Your Organization2018/02/242018-02-24 15:09:29
Leading Change by Design2018/01/242018-01-24 15:24:18
Five Strategic Keys for Effective Community Collaboration2017/11/222017-11-22 21:26:37
Infographic – Five Questions to Ask Community Members about Community Health Improvement2017/08/142017-08-14 17:34:28
Infographic – The Five Most Important Questions You Can Ask About Your Organization2017/08/112017-08-11 14:58:04
For All of Our Friends Who Love EHRs2017/07/302017-07-30 19:09:01
The Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa Inner City Health: The Population Health Approach in Action2017/06/232017-06-23 22:00:53
The Story of New Ulm A Population Health Transformation2017/06/232017-06-23 21:58:26
Population Health in Santa Barbara2017/06/232017-06-23 21:52:06
Donna’s Story2017/06/232017-06-23 21:43:17
Keith and Allison2017/06/232017-06-23 21:23:56
Diana’s Story2017/06/232017-06-23 20:42:49
Trauma Informed Care2017/04/062017-04-06 19:13:07
Health Coaching2017/04/042017-04-04 18:48:34
Five Strategic Lessons for Community Health Improvement2017/03/072017-03-07 17:54:56
Health Care and Healthy Food2017/02/262017-02-26 22:29:29
Whole System of Care Measures2017/01/272017-01-27 09:00:40
Community Health Funds: Innovative Financing for Community Health Improvement2017/01/262017-01-26 22:21:00
Patient-Centered Care vs. PCMH recognition2017/01/262017-01-26 15:00:59
A New Way to Talk about Social Determinants of Health2017/01/262017-01-26 13:41:36
NCQA PCMH 2017 Redesign2017/01/262017-01-26 13:32:43
Dying and Living in the Neighborhood – A Street-Level View of America’s Healthcare Promise2017/01/132017-01-13 22:32:10
The Playbook: Better Care for People with Complex Needs2016/12/292016-12-29 16:10:04
Placemaking 101: Creating Communities that Support Health2016/12/282016-12-28 23:49:28
A Positive Step toward Recognizing Social Risk Factors in Provider Payment Models2016/12/272016-12-27 16:39:45
Cambridge Health Alliance: Combining Clinical Care and Public Health for Community Impact2016/12/262016-12-26 21:26:17
City Health Works: Better Health at Lower Cost with Community Health Workers2016/12/222016-12-22 19:02:56
Closing the Gaps between Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Health Care2016/12/202016-12-20 18:34:17
A Much-Needed Playbook for Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care2016/12/092016-12-09 14:26:01
The Five Most Important Questions You Can Ask about Your Organization2016/12/012016-12-01 00:50:43
How a Health Clinic Made a Local Grocery Store Part of its Prescription2016/11/282016-11-28 23:19:29
How Oklahoma Developed What May Be the Best Health Information Exchange in the Country2016/11/272016-11-27 22:48:57
Study Indicates Earned Income Tax Credit Can Support Health2016/11/142016-11-14 15:23:41
Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform2016/11/132016-11-13 14:35:40
Health Affairs Issue Brings Culture of Health into Focus2016/11/112016-11-11 21:08:11
Poverty and Brain Development2016/11/092016-11-09 14:49:35
Building Healthy and Inclusive Communities for People with Disability2016/11/082016-11-08 15:07:56
Three Building Blocks of a Learning Organization2016/10/282016-10-28 22:03:14
Designing Change that Sticks2016/10/262016-10-26 17:28:42
Tackling Complex Social Problems through Collective Impact2016/10/202016-10-20 16:18:51
Supporting Health in All Policies2016/10/202016-10-20 16:11:59
How Community-Based Funders Can Transform U.S. Health Care2016/10/182016-10-18 14:39:14
A Framework for Educating Health Professionals about Social Determinants of Health2016/10/182016-10-18 14:27:21
The Health Asset Model2016/09/282016-09-28 20:41:21
What Is Community Development’s Impact on Health?2016/09/262016-09-26 19:29:54
The Community Centered Health Home2016/09/232016-09-23 22:15:05
Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care2016/09/062016-09-06 14:40:34
The Power of Action Learning2016/09/052016-09-05 23:03:40
Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine2016/08/262016-08-26 20:44:08
Income, Education, and the County Health Calculator2016/08/252016-08-25 15:54:35
Toxic Childhood Stress and Lifelong Health2016/08/252016-08-25 15:43:45
Collective Impact Basics2016/08/142016-08-14 18:01:59
Collective Impact in Somerville, MA2016/08/142016-08-14 17:46:45
Collective Impact in Summit County, OH2016/08/142016-08-14 17:36:09
The 3-4-50 Framework for Health Improvement2016/08/122016-08-12 20:50:56
The Chronic Care Model2016/08/122016-08-12 14:42:44
Making Places Healthy2016/08/102016-08-10 23:00:40
PCMH: Maintaining 2011 NCQA Recognition2016/07/272016-07-27 19:37:17
PCMH: Maintaining 2014 NCQA Recognition2016/07/272016-07-27 19:33:02
Improving Lives, Inspiring Hope2016/07/252016-07-25 02:20:09
Community Health Advisors and Mammography — University of Alabama at Birmingham2016/07/252016-07-25 02:17:45
Cancer Screening — Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance, Inc.2016/07/252016-07-25 02:16:30
Type 2 Diabetes — Schenectady County Public Health Service, New York2016/07/252016-07-25 02:14:44
Heart Healthy — Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma2016/07/252016-07-25 02:12:30
Workplace Physical Activity –UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity, California2016/07/252016-07-25 02:10:55
Promotion of Skim Milk in Schools – Institute for Urban Family Health, New York2016/07/252016-07-25 02:09:09
Community Diabetes Education – Medical University of South Carolina2016/07/252016-07-25 02:07:36
Community Asthma Initiative, Boston Children’s Hospital2016/07/252016-07-25 02:06:04
Healthy Corner Stores (Louisville)2016/07/252016-07-25 02:04:07
A Grocery Store’s Healthy Options2016/07/252016-07-25 02:02:35
Healthy Snacking in Philadelphia2016/07/252016-07-25 02:00:44
Hispanic Grocer Says Produce Sells2016/07/252016-07-25 01:56:56
Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing2016/07/252016-07-25 01:51:13
Healthy Options Sell in a Food Desert2016/07/252016-07-25 01:48:39
Health Initiatives Boost Economic Development2016/07/252016-07-25 01:46:51
Community Health Investments Yield Results2016/07/252016-07-25 01:42:14
Community Health Workers Bridge the Health Care Gap2016/07/252016-07-25 01:35:14
Improving Health for African American Communities2016/07/252016-07-25 01:32:42
Hispanic Communities Take Action to Improve Health2016/07/252016-07-25 01:28:28
Planning for Healthier Communities2016/07/252016-07-25 01:25:25
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