Keith and Allison

This story illustrates the importance and the challenge of supporting older adults within the community. The story is presented not only from the perspective of Mr. and Mrs. Dorey, the older couple in the story, but also through the eyes of Keith and Allison, a doctor and a nurse in the hospital emergency department. Questions for consideration: What might be the most supportive care model for Mr. and Mrs. Dorey if they lived in your community? Are there policy, practice, or resource obstacles in the way of this care model? How might people collaborate and innovate to remove or overcome these obstacles?



Published on Jul 6, 2010
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This video profiles Keith and Alison — a doctor and nurse in the Emergency Department at Valley Regional Hospital, Nova Scotia. In a rural setting, they face huge challenges in providing the right care for an aging population, given limited resources at the ED. By tapping into the principles of Population Health, and focusing on Social Determinants of Health, the ED has added a Seniors Rapid Assessment Team. Alison and Keith are now part of a team that delivers better care, and they can feel better about the work they do.

This video is one in a series of three companion videos aimed at encouraging health professionals to think more about the Social Determinants of Health, and a Population Health approach, and how these principles can be incorporated into their work with patients. For more information on the Population Health approach, go to

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