Health Assets/Social Factors

20 10, 2016

Tackling Complex Social Problems through Collective Impact

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From the Collective Impact Forum:

What is collective impact? How is it different from other forms of collaboration? We know that these questions aren’t always easy to answer, even for collective impact practitioners. That’s why the Collective Impact Forum has created a short motion graphic, Tackling Complex Social Problems through Collective Impact, to illustrate how collective impact works and why it’s an effective approach to social change.  Click here to learn more from the Collective Impact Forum.

20 10, 2016

Supporting Health in All Policies

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This is a brief video from the CDC that provides visitors to the Health in All Policies Resource Center with an introduction to the concepts of “Health in All Policies,” cross-sector collaboration, and the importance of considering health outcomes when making policy decisions. The video also explains the types of resources that can be found in the Resource Center.  Learn more at the CDC Health in All Policies Resource Center.

18 10, 2016

A Framework for Educating Health Professionals about Social Determinants of Health

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iom-framework-for-sdhAs more attention is being paid to the social determinants of health (SDH), there is a parallel need to incorporate SDH into health professional education.  The Institute of Medicine has published a research-based framework for educating health professionals about the importance of SDH.  This volume also provides an efficient overview of frameworks for addressing SDH that can be helpful for health professions education as well as program planning and evaluation.  Click here to read and download this important new work from the Institute of Medicine.


28 09, 2016

The Health Asset Model

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The Power of Health Assets

Research shows that people have a better opportunity for health when they have particular health assets available. One of the most empowering things we can do to support community health improvement is to help vulnerable populations strengthen their health assets. Community Health Solutions developed The Health Asset Model to inform and guide this work. 

The Health Asset Model

the-health-asset-model-1-0The Health Asset Model is an evidence-based framework for improving health opportunity for individuals and populations.  As illustrated in the graphic, the model defines the types of services and supports that are necessary to enable health […]

25 08, 2016

Income, Education, and the County Health Calculator

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Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University produced the The County Health Calculator as a tool for advocates and policy makers. The County Health Calculator shows how income and education can influence mortality in general and diabetes in particular. Use the calculator to see how education and income affect health outcomes in your community.

Click here to explore The County Health Calculator.


10 08, 2016

Making Places Healthy

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It is well established that place matters for health promotion.  But how do we go about making a place healthier? This is the question addressed in Making Places Healthy: Designing and Building for Health, Well-Being, and Sustainability (Island Press, 2011 available through major online booksellers).  Edited byAndrew Dannenberg, Howard Franklin, and Richard J. Jackson, this book provides insight on healthy community design from dozens of authors with backgrounds in public health, community development, health care, and more.

 The book opens with an introduction to the concept of healthy places, emphasizing areas of common interest between public health and the community design professions. […]

25 07, 2016

Improving Lives, Inspiring Hope

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Hear how local communities take action to improve the health of their residents and reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. Addressing several chronic health conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular health, asthma, cancer, and obesity, innovative programs meet local health needs and demonstrate positive impact. From the CDC, published in January of 2013.


25 07, 2016

Healthy Corner Stores (Louisville)

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Providing fresh fruits and vegetables is a win-win for two corner store owners in Louisville, KY, and their local customers. Learn how sales of healthy items are soaring in neighborhoods where store owners chose to make healthy living easier for their customers, improving community health and increasing store profits at the same time. From the CDC, published in August of 2013.