14 08, 2016

Collective Impact in Somerville, MA

August 14th, 2016|

From the Youtube post:
“How do you transform a city where almost half of the children are overweight or obese into a healthy, vibrant community? In this new video from the Collective Impact Forum, Dr. Christina Economos, principal investigator, and David Hudson, director of Shape Up Somerville, discuss the adoption of a collective impact approach and the journey that created a healthier Somerville.

Ten years ago, the youth of the city of Somerville, Mass., much like the rest of the country, faced an obesity epidemic. 44% of youth were […]

25 07, 2016

Promotion of Skim Milk in Schools – Institute for Urban Family Health, New York

July 25th, 2016|

Learn how the Bronx Health REACH Coalition and its community partners successfully promoted low-fat, skim milk only policy in New York public schools. From the CDC, publish in March of 2013.