12 08, 2016

The 3-4-50 Framework for Health Improvement

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3-4-50 FrameworkWe know from research that health status is influenced by multiple factors including genetics, social circumstances, environmental exposures, health care, and behavioral patterns.  What we might not fully realize is that behavioral patterns have the single greatest influence on personal and population health.  This means that achieving better health at lower cost will require improvements in health promotion and prevention at the community level.  The 3-4-50 framework can be a helpful tool for focusing these strategies.

3-4-50: A Focusing Framework for Community Health Improvement
The three health risk behaviors are unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, […]

25 07, 2016

Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing

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Real estate developers, property managers, and residents of Boston, MA, are benefitting from smoke-free efforts. Find out why smoke-free housing is a smart business decision that also aims to improve public health. From the CDC published March, 2014.