Whole System of Care Measures

In today’s health care environment, “measurement fatigue” is rampant across health systems and provider practices. Clinicians and health care organizations are being asked to report more measures with often slight variations in definition and methodology. What this creates is an environment where practices are stretched to authentically use the performance on those measures to inform process and practice improvement.

IHI developed Whole System Measures 2.0 (WSM 2.0) to provide specific guidance to health care system leaders and boards on how to measure current overall system performance and use this data to inform organizational strategy. WSM 2.0 is a set of 15 measures that help leaders better understand their organization’s current (and desired) state across three domains (the Triple Aim):

  1. Population health,
  2. Experience of care, and
  3. Per capita cost.

Learn more on the IHI webpage.


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