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26 01, 2017

Patient-Centered Care vs. PCMH recognition

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First and foremost, the PCMH model is about better patient care. NCQA states, “Evidence shows that the PCMH model of care can result in reduced costs and healthier and more satisfied patients.” It is a model that works especially for patients with chronic and complex conditions. But we see the question about “Why PCMH?” and “Why PCMH recognition?” as being separate. Implementing the PCMH model of care doesn’t necessarily require you to get the “stamp of approval” from NCQA or another agency. Choosing to implement patient-centered care concepts – and foregoing recognition – in your practice may be the right fit for […]

29 12, 2016

The Playbook: Better Care for People with Complex Needs

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the-playbook-for-complex-care-needsA new website provides curated resources about promising approaches to improving care for people with complex needs.  The content can be used to inform the design of local projects for vulnerable populations.  The Playbook is a collaborative project of The Commonwealth Fund, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Peterson Center on Healthcare, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The SCAN Foundation, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The Playbook’s guiding questions include:

  • Why invest in redesigning care for people with complex needs?
  • Who are people with complex needs?
  • What care models are promising?
  • […]

12 08, 2016

The Chronic Care Model

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The prevalence of chronic conditions has been increasing due to the aging of the population and rising levels of lifestyle-related risk factors. Projecting these trends forward, the growing burden of disease and costs could be crippling. Consequently, chronic care improvement is a high priority for population health management in primary care, specialty care, and inpatient settings.

Chronic care models are designed to optimize the care of patients who have or are at significant risk for chronic conditions. The MacColl Institute developed The Chronic Care Model in 1998, a model that […]