Collective Impact

14 08, 2016

Collective Impact Basics

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Collaboration imageCollective impact is receiving more attention as a strategy for improving health through community collaboration. A good place to start for an overview of this strategy is a 2011 article titled Collective Impact by John Kania and Mark Kramer, as publish in the Winter 2011 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Kania and Kramer propose that too many organizations operate by a model the authors call ‘isolated impact.’ ¬†Essentially, nonprofits (and to some extent their funders) operate with the assumption that they can solve complex social challenges by developing their […]

14 08, 2016

Collective Impact in Somerville, MA

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From the Youtube post:
“How do you transform a city where almost half of the children are overweight or obese into a healthy, vibrant community? In this new video from the Collective Impact Forum, Dr. Christina Economos, principal investigator, and David Hudson, director of Shape Up Somerville, discuss the adoption of a collective impact approach and the journey that created a healthier Somerville.

Ten years ago, the youth of the city of Somerville, Mass., much like the rest of the country, faced an obesity epidemic. 44% of youth were […]

14 08, 2016

Collective Impact in Summit County, OH

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From the Youtube post: “What is Collective Impact?” illustrates the concept of Collective Impact through United Way’s work with the Summit County Cradle to Career Alliance. Please share with others who are interested in helping address large-scale social problems, and help us build the Collective Impact movement in Summit County. Learn more at