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26 02, 2017

Health Care and Healthy Food

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Food bank 2Good nutrition is essential for overall health and for management of many health conditions.  Access to health food can also be a challenge for many individuals with low income or lack of mobility.  The following resources describe how hospitals, health systems, and other health care providers are partnering with food banks to help people obtain healthy food.  The list is not exhaustive, and we don’t endorse any particular approach.  Our suggested approach is to scan the resources for ideas that might work in your particular setting.

Strategy Guides

  1. Making Food […]
28 11, 2016

How a Health Clinic Made a Local Grocery Store Part of its Prescription

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Sue Joss and Jason Barbosa might seem to be unlikely economic development partners. She is the veteran CEO of a major nonprofit health care provider in Brockton, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. He is the operations manager of a family-run grocery company launched by his immigrant father in the same working class city.

Was there a way they could create jobs, grow their local economy, and reduce blight?

Read their story at Yes! Magazine…

Learn about the innovative funding model (the Healthy Futures Fund) through this video profile produced by the Kresge Foundation…


14 08, 2016

Collective Impact in Somerville, MA

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From the Youtube post:
“How do you transform a city where almost half of the children are overweight or obese into a healthy, vibrant community? In this new video from the Collective Impact Forum, Dr. Christina Economos, principal investigator, and David Hudson, director of Shape Up Somerville, discuss the adoption of a collective impact approach and the journey that created a healthier Somerville.

Ten years ago, the youth of the city of Somerville, Mass., much like the rest of the country, faced an obesity epidemic. 44% of youth were […]

12 08, 2016

The 3-4-50 Framework for Health Improvement

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3-4-50 FrameworkWe know from research that health status is influenced by multiple factors including genetics, social circumstances, environmental exposures, health care, and behavioral patterns.  What we might not fully realize is that behavioral patterns have the single greatest influence on personal and population health.  This means that achieving better health at lower cost will require improvements in health promotion and prevention at the community level.  The 3-4-50 framework can be a helpful tool for focusing these strategies.

3-4-50: A Focusing Framework for Community Health Improvement
The three health risk behaviors are unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, […]

25 07, 2016

Healthy Corner Stores (Louisville)

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Providing fresh fruits and vegetables is a win-win for two corner store owners in Louisville, KY, and their local customers. Learn how sales of healthy items are soaring in neighborhoods where store owners chose to make healthy living easier for their customers, improving community health and increasing store profits at the same time. From the CDC, published in August of 2013.

25 07, 2016

A Grocery Store’s Healthy Options

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Learn how the owner of a grocery store chain is helping improve his bottom line, and the health of his customers, by dedicating a checkout aisle to healthy treats; placing and promoting healthy food and drinks throughout the store; and encouraging kids to be more active by stocking toys that promote physical activity. From the CDC, published in August of 2013.

25 07, 2016

Healthy Snacking in Philadelphia

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Access to healthy food throughout the workday can be a challenge. Learn how one Philadelphia resident incorporated healthier snacking habits into her daily routine thanks to new healthy vending machines. From the CDC. May 2014.

25 07, 2016

Hispanic Grocer Says Produce Sells

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Healthy profits and good health go hand in hand. Learn how fresh fruits and vegetables add up to increased sales for a corner store owner and easier access to produce for the neighborhood. From the CDC. published April, 2015.

25 07, 2016

Healthy Options Sell in a Food Desert

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Healthy options can lead to healthy profits. Learn how a small grocery store in the northern part of Omaha, NE, improved its bottom line while at the same time making healthy living easier for community members. From the CDC, punlished April, 2015.